How to Boost Creativity and Gain Clarity

Did you know there are some really easy wins to boost your creativity? I call this getting more ‘brain idle’ time and it’s something I encourage all my clients to do more of! Why boost creativity? If you are are in a creative business or need to come up with some fresh ideas, the benefitsContinue reading “How to Boost Creativity and Gain Clarity”

When to break free from your comfort zone and build up self confidence

When I think of my comfort zone, I think of a nice cup of tea, a cosy blanket and my dog snuggled up beside me. This is my place of relaxation and calm. I love retreating to the sofa after a busy day to unwind. It can also be a place of escape, where IContinue reading “When to break free from your comfort zone and build up self confidence”

Are you unhappy at work? Here are the top 7 reasons why.

Here are the 7 most common reasons people are unhappy at work and how can this affect performance, satisfaction and wellbeing. I have been a career coach for nearly 20 years and worked with hundreds of people who have approached me because they felt unhappy at work and wanted to make changes. I thought itContinue reading “Are you unhappy at work? Here are the top 7 reasons why.”

Living happier – how can we experience more joy in our daily lives

Welcome to January! Here are six simple steps you can take to live happier and find the joy in your life this year…starting now. 4. Make plans for the future. It helps us to have some things to look forward to. They don’t have to be expensive holidays or elaborate plans. Just a call arrangedContinue reading “Living happier – how can we experience more joy in our daily lives”

How to life coach yourself

Check out this latest post and discover my top tips on how to life coach yourself into action and boost your motivation levels. (Especially important in the busy run up to Christmas for many of us!) “The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.” A.G Bell It is totally possibleContinue reading “How to life coach yourself”

How to Check in with Yourself

Check in with yourself using six prompts to assess your physical and mental wellbeing. This easy, quick way to gain perspective in a busy time takes only 10 minutes. Why? It’s very easy to ignore physical signs of stress when we are rushing about. A headache, stomach upset, niggling neck pains for example, can allContinue reading “How to Check in with Yourself”

6 Ways to Boost your Energy Levels

Now that we have moved into Autumn, we may feel a dip in our motivation. As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, how can we boost our energy levels? Here are 6 simple tips I’ve put together which could help! Go outdoors! Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays is one of the best waysContinue reading “6 Ways to Boost your Energy Levels”

What is the purpose of a life coach?

If you’ve wondered about hiring a life coach but feel a little unsure as to what the purpose of a personal coach is, or how it can benefit you – have a read through my latest post to learn more! What is the purpose of a life coach? According to the website verywellmind life coaches “aidContinue reading “What is the purpose of a life coach?”

Welcome to my motivational blog!

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m a life and career coach on a mission to empower individuals to reach their potential in the professional and personal lives. I am passionate about the power of coaching and will be posting tips and tricks in this motivational blog to help boost motivation, clarity and focus which can empowerContinue reading “Welcome to my motivational blog!”