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You should be making decisions based on a foundation of self-belief, not fear.

To do this you need to develop the most important relationship in your life – the one you have with yourself.

Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅

Are you yearning for a breakthrough, a transformation in your everyday life?

If the answer is yes, you can benefit from life coaching.

Here you can take time out to identify how you are feeling, and plan what you can do to make changes.

“You have helped me believe in myself and get back my confidence!”

“Abi, words are not enough to say thank you for everything you have done with me. You have helped me believe in myself and get back my confidence. This would not have been possible without your encouragement and support. Please keep doing what you do as you help people change their lives for the better!”

– Kay, Bristol

Holistic life coaching covers different aspects

Happiness and wellbeing coaching

To help you identify your goals and find your purpose.

Confidence coaching

Helping you to realise your potential and unlock your strength

Resilience Coaching

Helping you to cope better and be more effective

Motivational coaching

To help stop procrastination and break negative thought patterns

Relationship coaching

Helping develop more meaningful relationships and communicate more easily

Mindset Coaching

Reframe negative thought patterns which no longer serve you using evidence based positive psychological practices

My holistic life coaching packages

As your holistic life coach in Bristol or beyond, I can support you with a combination of solution focussed holistic life coaching and career coaching.

Individual Life Coaching Session

This is perfect for exploring options and gaining perspective. If you have lots of ideas whirring around but perhaps are thinking yourself around in circles rather than taking action, a one off session can help you articulate your thoughts and prioritise next steps.

What’s Included:

Investment: £96 per session

Bespoke Life Coaching Package

After a discovery call, we may agree that coaching needs to be done over a longer period of time so you can take actions in between sessions and then come back to reflect and move forward with my support. We space these out according to how quickly you wish to move forward and what time you have available. Typically two/three weeks in between sessions works well.

What’s Included:

Investment: £272

Signature Life Coaching Package

This is a coaching option for longer term transformations which will require several sessions to unravel what the goals are, why they are important and what steps you can take to get there. Sessions are spaced out according to your needs over a period of six months or less to allow plenty of time for action, reflection and adjustments.

What’s Included:

Investment: £455

Holistic life coaching support for a year

Imagine what we could achieve in a full 12 months of working together! With this ultimate coaching offer, we will be meeting monthly and cover all areas of life you wish to develop including finances, career, family, friends, significant other, health and wellbeing, personal development and spiritual growth.

What’s Included:
Investment: £1100

My Approach is Different

Here’s what the right holistic life coach can do for you

No. One

I focus on mindset, motivation and confidence coaching this will help you to increase your confidence and help you to develop resilience.
No. Two
Through focusing on wellbeing coaching this will allow you to develop strength you didn’t know you had and help you find a sense of purpose
No. Three
By focusing on aspects of Resilience Coaching this will help you to develop long term habits which benefit YOU and make it happen for yourself
No.  Four
Overall holistic life coaching will allow you to you to gain a greater understanding to start living the life you want

kind words

“Abi is highly personable, professional and knowledgeable.”

I’ve been fortunate to work with Abigail Jane Coaching as part of a Skills Bootcamp course at the UWE. Abi helped me gain clarity around my future career goals and together we made steps that were achievable and measurable. She’s also helped me gain confidence in myself and offered techniques to reduce negative thoughts.

Abi has given me practical advice, suggestions and links to resources that has been really valuable to me.

– Leanne Woodhall

“Abi has been fantastic in challenging me to be realistic and she really helped me in questioning my thinking.”

Being a coach myself, I very well know the benefit of life coaching. Abi has been fantastic in challenging me to be realistic and she really helped me in questioning my thinking, to be open towards options I had not previously considered or actions I was convinced I would not choose for.

By doing so I was much more motivated to act and also much more relaxed and really feeling good about my goals, plans and actions. Thanks Abi, I’m sure I will reach out to you again in the near future.

– Sara Mostmans

“feeling good about my goals”

Getting started is with holistic life coaching is easy



You can fill in my contact form by clicking here to book in for a free coaching consultation call.

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll be sent a scheduling link to book your call.



You can choose to focus on any area of personal development in our sessions but you can also have life coaching in conjunction with career coaching.

During your free mini session just tell me what you would like to achieve.



After our coaching consultation, if you decide you want to go ahead I will send a custom proposal where you can choose your coaching package(s).

After this is complete we can get started.

Hi I’m Abi

Your professional life coach and career coach in Bristol

I work remotely anywhere in the UK and in person for locally based clients.

A certified member of the Association for Coaching with 20 years’ experience of coaching individuals. I am committed to delivering a professional, holistic service

If you are looking for a positive and solution focussed life coach to help you move forward and achieve your goals, you have come to the right place.

I incorporate a variety of evidence based coaching models and strategies within one-to-one sessions which are engaging, challenging and motivational. I love coaching sessions to be energising and enjoyable so that we get the most out of our time together.

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Still have questions about holistic life coaching?

What is the difference between life coaching and counselling?

Coaching cannot take place unless there is a goal. Unlike counsellors and other therapists, coaches focus on the future and what changes can be made rather than focussing on looking at why things in the past happened or why we behave in a certain way.

A professional coach may refer you to other forms of therapy if they feel this is needed. Counselling and coaching can work well in combination.

For example, a coach may ask, “Did you attend your counselling session last week? How did it benefit you and are there any actions you have agreed to do before the next session?” A coach can be great at holding you accountable and keeping you on track with your goals!

What does a holistic life coach do?

A holistic coach will explore your goal and help you to examine what might be holding you back as well as what might serve to help you in various areas of life.

For example, if you’d like to change career but have some health concerns and difficulty in your personal relationships, we will seek to address these areas too as they will impact on your chances of success.. This allows us to make impactful and lasting change, rather than seek quick fixes which are unlikely to sustain.

What a life coach does not do?

While working with a life coach may help you to deal with certain unresolved issues, life coaches cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, or any other mental health condition.

As your coach, I do not make judgements or tell you my opinions, I help you to make your own decisions based on the evidence and facts we uncover about you from our coaching sessions.

How can life coaching boost self esteem, motivation and confidence?

When you have a clearer understanding of what truly lights you up and inspires you, you gain clarity and insight.

This makes it easier to find a way forward for yourself which offers satisfaction and true happiness.

As your life coach, I support you to learn what makes you tick, what your core values are and what your USP is! My aim for you is to see and feel the potential that I see in you when we first begin working together.

We clear away old limiting beliefs, and focus on evidence based empowering beliefs you can use to lift yourself up and power forward.

By breaking down your goal into small and realistic steps,and using proven coaching techniques, we create lasting confidence and self esteem that naturally increases your motivation too.

How does holistic life coaching with Abi work?

During safe and confidential discussion, I will ask you thought provoking questions that help you to identify and achieve a goal you want to work on.

As your coach, I will actively listen to you and encourage you to reflect and think carefully to find your own solution.

By asking the right questions I will allow you to unlock the answers.

Coaching with me puts you in the driving seat, it will empower you to take ownership of your goals by drawing out your positive energy.

Coaching with me is not therapy, counselling or mentoring. Advice and guidance is not given during a coaching session. Nearly all of the input (90%) will come from you, and there can be no coaching if there is no goal. Sessions should not be formal or feel draining.

How do I book a call?

By heading over to my contact page by clicking here. You’ll be able to fill out my contact form so I can learn more about your coaching needs.

Then you will receive an email from me with a link to book in for a consultation call.

This call is typically around 30 minutes and it helps me to understand which type of coaching you need as I offer life coaching, career coaching and business coaching

What qualifications do you have for holistic life coaching?

I am a certified member of the Association for Coaching and have over 20 years experience of coaching people including those with health conditions and disabilities.  

How can holistic life coaching benefit me?

Coaching is empowering and facilitating so you won’t become dependant. Coaching is about difference and allows you to break negative thought patterns which may have held you back before. Coaching is about listening – most people say they are listening but often they are just waiting. Coaching increases your confidence and resilience

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