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Imagine what you could achieve when working with a certified health and wellbeing coach this year.

With this premium option you can benefit from solution focussed coaching with professional life coach, Abi Unwin, over 12 months.

Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅

Who can benefit from the ultimate health and wellbeing coaching for a year?

If you are looking to make lasting changes across several areas of life, choosing this programme could be transformational.
It may be that you are progressing well in your career or business and would like support to ensure you maintain this level of growth and balance this with other areas of priority.

Your dreams and hopes can be turned into reality when they are broken down into achievable, realistic actions. 

“I wanted to create a unique health and wellbeing coach offer for clients who needed a longer term coaching programme to transform their lives.”

“ Our professional and personal lives are not separate. What we do outside of work, impacts how we perform in work. Relationships with partners, finances, friends and family as well as our mental and physical health are all important factors in helping us to achieve our goals and create an effective work life balance.”


The Benefits of health and wellbeing coaching

What can we cover in a year with health and wellbeing coaching

Happiness and wellbeing coaching

To help you identify your goals and find your purpose.

Confidence coaching

Helping you to realise your potential and unlock your strength

Resilience Coaching

Helping you to cope better and be more effective

Motivational coaching

To help stop procrastination and break negative thought patterns

Relationship coaching

Helping develop more meaningful relationships and communicate more easily

Mindset Coaching

Reframe negative thought patterns which no longer serve you using evidence based positive psychological practices

The ultimate health and wellbeing coaching for a year

Imagine what we could achieve in a full 12 months of working together! With this ultimate health and wellbeing coaching offer, we will be meeting monthly and covering all areas of life you wish to develop including finances, career, family, friends, significant other, health and wellbeing, personal development and spiritual growth.

What’s Included:

Total Investment: £1100 and can be split over 2 payments
*Each gift box will be tailored to you and any preferences or allergies will be discussed at your initial consultation
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Abigail Jane Coaching is the top-rated health and wellbeing coach in Bristol and the UK

My Approach is Different

Here’s what the right health and wellbeing coach can do for you:

No. One

I focus on mindset, motivation and confidence coaching this will help you to increase your confidence and help you to develop resilience.

No. Two
Through focusing on wellbeing coaching this will allow you to develop strength you didn’t know you had and help you find a sense of purpose
No. Three

By focusing on aspects of resilience coaching this will help you to develop long term habits which benefit YOU and make it happen for yourself

No.  Four

Overall health and wellbeing coaching will allow you to you to gain a greater understanding to start living the life you want

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“Abi is highly personable, professional and knowledgeable.”

I’ve been fortunate to work with Abigail Jane Coaching as part of a Skills Bootcamp course at the UWE. Abi helped me gain clarity around my future career goals and together we made steps that were achievable and measurable.

She’s also helped me gain confidence in myself and offered techniques to reduce negative thoughts. Abi has given me practical advice, suggestions and links to resources that has been really valuable to me.

– Leanne Woodhall

Getting started is with health and wellbeing coaching is easy



You can fill in my contact form by clicking here to book in for a free coaching consultation call.

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll be sent a scheduling link to book your call.



You can choose to focus on any area of personal development in our sessions but you can also have life coaching in conjunction with career coaching.

During your free mini session just tell me what you would like to achieve.



After our coaching consultation, if you decide you want to go ahead I will send a custom proposal where you can choose your coaching package(s).

After this is complete we can get started.

Hi I’m Abi

Your professional health and wellbeing coach in Bristol

Using solution focussed coaching methods and tools, you will work with Abi to look at what you would like to achieve in each area and break down the goals into small, manageable steps over the course of 12 sessions.

If there are mindset blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back, these can also be challenged and reframed into empowering affirmations to power you forward.

Using a mixture of NLP, SMART action planning and proven coaching methods such as the GROW model, you can work with life coach Abi Unwin, to get to where you’d like to be. 

Continuous support is offered in between sessions through unlimited email or messaging contact. You will have access to your own AJC portal which contains all session notes, action plans, coaching activities and reflection journal.

With over 20 years of experience of coaching individuals, you can be assured of a professional, holistic coaching service.

Still have questions about the ultimate coach for a year?

What can we cover in a year of coaching that we can’t in the signature packages?

As we will work together for over twice as long, in this ultimate health and wellbeing coaching package we can go into much greater details in numerous areas of life over a longer period of time rather than a shorter, more intensive focus in the signature package.

What does a health and wellbeing coach do?

A health and wellbeing coach will explore your goal and help you to examine what might be holding you back as well as what might serve to help you in various areas of life.

For example, if you’d like to change career but have some health concerns and difficulty in your personal relationships, we will seek to address these areas too as they will impact on your chances of success.. This allows us to make impactful and lasting change, rather than seek quick fixes which are unlikely to sustain.

What a health and wellbeing coach does not do?

While working with a life coach may help you to deal with certain unresolved issues, life coaches cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, or any other mental health condition.

As your coach, I do not make judgements or tell you my opinions, I help you to make your own decisions based on the evidence and facts we uncover about you from our coaching sessions.

What styles of coaching are there and what styles do you use?

Styles of Coaching can include: Motivational coaching, solution focussed coaching, holistic coaching, NLP techniques to reframe negative narrative and create empowering beliefs.

The AJC Method has been developed using the best evidence-based practices combining positive psychology, neuroscience, coaching and mindfulness techniques to provide you with a holistic, comprehensive solution to achieve lasting results.

How can coaching for a year boost self esteem, motivation and confidence?

When you have a clearer understanding of what truly lights you up and inspires you, you gain clarity and insight. This makes it easier to find a way forward for yourself which offers satisfaction and true happiness. As your health and wellbeing coach, I support you to learn what makes you tick, what your core values are and what your USP is!

My aim for you is to see and feel the potential that I see in you when we first begin working together. We clear away old limiting beliefs, and focus on evidence based empowering beliefs you can use to lift yourself up and power forward.

By breaking down your goal into small and realistic steps,and using proven coaching techniques, we create lasting confidence and self esteem that naturally increases your motivation too.

How does coaching with Abi work?

During safe and confidential discussion, I will ask you thought provoking questions that help you to identify and achieve a goal you want to work on.  As your coach, I will actively listen to you and encourage you to reflect and think carefully to find your own solution.

By asking the right questions I will allow you to unlock the answers.  Coaching with me puts you in the driving seat, it will empower you to take ownership of your goals by drawing out your positive energy.

Coaching with me is not therapy, counselling or mentoring.  Advice and guidance is not given during a coaching session. Nearly all of the input (90%) will come from you, and there can be no coaching if there is no goal.  Sessions should not be formal or feel draining. 

How do I book a free mini session?

By heading over to my contact page by clicking here. You’ll be able to fill out my contact form so I can learn more about your coaching needs.

Then you will receive an email from me with a link to book in for a consultation call.

This call is typically around 30 minutes and it helps me to understand which type of coaching you need as I offer life coaching, career coaching and business coaching

What qualifications do you have for holistic life coaching?

I am a certified member of the Association for Coaching and have over 20 years experience of coaching people including those with health conditions and disabilities. With over 10,000 hours of professional coaching under my belt, you are in safe hands.


How can health and wellbeing coaching benefit me?

Coaching is empowering and facilitating so you won’t become dependant. Coaching is about difference and allows you to break negative thought patterns which may have held you back before.

Health and wellbeing coaching is about listening – most people say they are listening but often they are just waiting. Coaching increases your confidence and resilience

What Does a Life Coach Actually Do? – Abigail Jane Coaching

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Your dreams and hopes can be turned into reality when they are broken down into achievable, realistic actions.

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