Professional Career Coach Bristol and UK

Helping you to identify where and how to make career changes so that you can be successful and engaged in your working life

You are able to identify your career goals and explore ways to empower yourself through career coaching to achieve them – this is transformational.

Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅

Do you want to move forward or make a change in your career?

Do you feel you are:

If the answer is yes then as your career coach in Bristol and beyond, I can help you.

I will support you to identify where and how you can make the changes you need to enable yourself to feel successful and engaged in your working life.

During career coaching sessions, you can talk openly and honestly, thoughts can unravel and you can find clarity. You are able to identify your goals and explore ways to empower yourself to achieve them which can be transformational.

“Abi has proved to be (a coach) of outstanding quality. Our work together has improved every area of my life far beyond what I was expecting from career coaching.”

– Matt Casey, Bristol

Why hire me as your career coach in Bristol

Career coaching covers an array of topics

Career change or career transition

You may be be feeling stuck in your current career and looking for a change, I will help you identify the best opportunities and take action to make a move.

Return to work

Helping you to clarify your career goals, identify transferable skills and core values/ competencies. We can build confidence and self esteem. I can also support you to find training opportunities.

Stress and anxiety in the workplace

Create positive working relationships, manage wellbeing more effectively, disclose your needs to an employer and learn more about their role and responsibilities.

Early career coaching

If you are starting out in your career after education I will help you with planning the most effective steps to build your career with purpose and intention.


Helping you to process the situation, understand how and where to find the opportunities and get your dream job.

Applications and Interviews

This can include interview preparation, CV creation, writing application forms and creating a stand out Linked In profile

New job roles

Using coaching techniques to cope with different pressures within job roles or changes at work.

Managing staff

Develop better communication and interpersonal skills, reflect and learn about your own management style and profile your strengths.

Improve time management skills

Empowering you to find a system that really works for you and allows for a better structure to your day / week/ month / year ahead.

Promotion and development

Discover your strengths and skills, core values and get confident about your own USP and how to demonstrate it.

Leadership coaching

Develop existing skills, find out what makes you a great leader and learn how to bring a more effective approach to your workplace.


Helping you to embrace new beginnings and utilise transferable skills to find a new purpose.

Career Coaching Prices and Packages

As your career coach in Bristol or beyond, I can support you with a combination of solution focussed career coaching and life coaching.

Individual Career Coaching Session

This is perfect for exploring options and gaining perspective. If you have lots of ideas whirring around but perhaps are thinking yourself around in circles rather than taking action, a one off session can help you articulate your thoughts and prioritise next steps in your career.

What’s Included:

Investment: £96 per session

Bespoke Career Coaching Package

After a discovery call, we may agree that coaching needs to be done over a longer period of time so you can take actions in between sessions and then come back to reflect and move forward with my support. We space these out typically two/three weeks in between sessions works well.

What’s Included:

Investment: £272

Signature Career Coaching Package

This is a coaching option for longer term transformations which will require several sessions to unravel what the goals are, why they are important and what steps you can take to get there. Sessions are spaced out according over a period of six months or less to allow plenty of time for action, goals and adjustments.

What’s Included:

Investment: £455

Career coaching support for a year

Imagine what we could achieve in a full 12 months of working together! With this ultimate coaching offer, we will be meeting monthly and covering all areas of life you wish to develop including finances, career, relationships, health and wellbeing, personal development and business growth.
What’s Included:
Investment: £1100

My Approach is Different

Want to understand the kinds of career problems I solve?

Watch my interview with Vitae Compass

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Is AJC career coaching in Bristol right for you?

Yes if you are:

Maybe not if you are:

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“Abi was really helpful at a time when I was feeling totally lost about my future career direction.”

“She was kind, thoughtful, positive, flexible and understanding of me and my situation. The coaching sessions have given me lots more clarity and have helped me to think differently about my return to work.”

– Liz Stephens Burt, Knowle, Bristol

Getting started is with career coaching is easy



You can fill in my contact form by clicking here to book in for a free coaching consultation call.

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll be sent a scheduling link to book your call.



You can choose to focus on any area of personal development in our sessions but you can also have life coaching in conjunction with career coaching.

During your free mini session just tell me what you would like to achieve.



After our coaching consultation, if you decide you want to go ahead I will send a custom proposal where you can choose your coaching package(s).

After this is complete we can get started.

Abigail Life Coaching Services, Coaching services

hi i’m Abi

Your professional career coach and business coach in Bristol

I work remotely anywhere in the UK and in person for locally based clients in Bath. 

A certified member of the Association for Coaching with 20 years’ experience of coaching individuals. I am committed to delivering a professional, holistic service

If you are looking for a positive and solution focussed life coach to help you move forward and achieve your goals, you have come to the right place.

I incorporate a variety of evidence based coaching models and strategies within one-to-one sessions which are engaging, challenging and motivational. I love coaching sessions to be energising and enjoyable so that we get the most out of our time together.

Still have questions about career coaching in Bristol?

What kind of clients do I work with for career coaching?

As well as supporting individual clients in Bristol, Bath and UK wide, I also work in partnership with employers such as UWE and Missing Link to deliver career coaching and mentoring.

What does a career coach do?

Career Coaching in Bristol and Bath can take place face to face, as part of a walk and talk session or remotely if you prefer. If you are further a field, we can connect online via Zoom or phone calls. I use a variety of coaching tools and methods to empower you to make the changes you want.

This can include motivational and solution focussed approaches as well as a mixture of coaching and mentoring to get you where you’d like to be.

Limiting beliefs which may have held you back before can be identified and challenged. What could you do if you believed something else?

If you’d like to know more about how career coaching could help you, check out some of my recent blog posts which discuss career transition and issues such as wellness at work and work life balance.

What is the difference between career coaching and career counseling?

Career coaching is about the current situation and future changes, It empowers and helps individuals develop and/or upgrade their skills to move forward in their jobs.

Career counselling focuses more on past experiences and looks to help individuals overcome their psychological barriers to advance in their careers.

What should I do before meeting with a career coach?

It can be helpful to spend some time reflecting on your current situation and ask yourself what the positives are, as well the negatives. Think about what is most important to you now at this stage of your life – what do you most value in your career and why?

What are your payment terms?

Payment is made up front for all options apart from the coach for a year option which can be split into two payments. Booking, invoicing and payment is all done easily and securely through the AJC coaching portal.

How should I find a good career coach in the UK?

A good place to start is checking the directory on Association for Coaching website:

It’s also important to check reviews, testimonials and look for a coach who is a certified member or accredited with a professional body such as Assoication for Coaching or International Coaching Federation.

What qualifications do you have for career coaching?

I am a certified member of the Association for Coaching and have over 20 years experience of coaching people including those with health conditions and disabilities.  

How can career coaching benefit me?

There are numerous benefits from working with a career coach including boosted confidence, improved performance, increased motivation and more clarity and focus towards future goals.

Making a change in your career can seem unrealistic and feel daunting. But with the support of a professional coach, change can feel exciting and completely possible.

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