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Guiding entrepreneurs through coaching to turn ideas into thriving businesses

Helping ideas grow into reality and develop into a successful enterprise which not only works in terms of financial return but also gives so much fulfilment and satisfaction.

Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅ Realise the potential in your personal and professional life  ⋅

Are you feeling stuck in your business and need help to move forward?

Whatever the issues (and there are always a mixture of things that arise once we get going) business coaching can help you improve your current situation. It can also help you to learn the coaching skills you can use to more effectively communicate with, and manage your team.

realise your potential

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I just wanted to thank you again for your support this week. I found your advice to be very much on my wavelength which was incredibly important to me.”

– Julie, Bristol

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I could envisage exactly where I needed to be and eventually where I wanted to be…Learning the skills to be able to break all this down into 90 day segments was the hardest part and through what you taught me it wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought. ”

– J Horler, Bournemouth, UK

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated the time you have taken with me. I can only say I will move forward for my family and most of all for myself. Thank you for giving me the tools to move forward with my life.”


But is it actually worth getting a business coach?

I’ve been there myself, as a self employed, sole trader, I totally get those times where you stop and think, ‘I can’t do this anymore, I’m not good enough.

I think it’d be better if I just get a full time job and return to the security of employment.’ I also know from experience that these times are often quickly followed by periods of growth.

That phrase comes to mind, ‘the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.’

Being self employed can feel pretty heavy,

‘the business depends on me,’

is a phrase I often hear along with,

‘I don’t have time’ and ‘I’m not making enough money.’

Business Coach Bristol, Abigail Jane Coaching, Business Coaching

Some people say they would rather speak to a relative or friend for advice as they prefer to talk to someone they know and trust.

And not have to pay a private business coach, money is tight when you’re starting out.

But how many times have you called a friend when you wanted to talk through an idea, only to get told what THEY would do in the circumstances, what their friend did, what they think of your idea and come away either feeling totally confused, irritated or put off?

Or feel like they encouraged you to go ahead without you being able to actually work out the risks.

Many people are quick to tell others to ‘go for it’ without really getting them to check out how realistic the plan is and then, sometimes, it fails.

So why hire me as your business coach in Bristol

Here are some of the things I cover in business coaching with my clients:

Sounding board

The person you bounce ideas off without any judgement or opinion (I assume you know what you need to do, but currently aren’t doing what you know.


What you decide to do after exploring your ideas with me, is up to you to put into place. Though I might challenge you as to why you are taking this course of action to ensure you are sure this is the right thing to do.

Trusted resource

I can be the trusted resource, supporter, encourager and challenge you to make the RIGHT decisions for YOU – it’s all about empowering you as the client to make the choices. That’s what a professional coach will do for you.


By talking openly with me, you will remember that wisdom, strength and clarity which gave you the focus and purpose to start this idea in the first place. I am your resource, your challenger and ultimately, confidante. What you tell me remains confidential.

Book your free mini session with me and let’s see where the conversation goes, hopefully it will put you into a mindset for success and I will be that motivator and inspirer you need to keep you on track with your business goals.

Business Coaching Prices and Packages

As your business coach in Bristol or beyond, I can support you with a combination of solution focussed life, career and business coaching

Individual Business Coaching Session

This is perfect for exploring options and gaining perspective. If you have lots of ideas whirring around but perhaps are thinking yourself around in circles rather than taking action, a one off session can help you articulate your thoughts and prioritise next steps.

What’s Included:

Investment: £96 per session

Bespoke Business Coaching Package

After a discovery call, we may agree that coaching needs to be done over a longer period of time so you can take actions in between sessions and then come back to reflect and move forward with my support. We space these out according to how quickly you wish to move forward and what time you have available. Typically two/three weeks in between sessions works well.

What’s Included:

Investment: £272

Signature Business Coaching package

This is a business coaching option for longer term transformations which will require several sessions to unravel what the goals are, why they are important and what steps you can take to get there. Sessions are spaced over a period of six months or less.

What’s Included:

Investment: £455

Business coaching support for a year

Imagine what we could achieve in a full 12 months of working together! With this ultimate business coaching offer, we will be meeting monthly and covering all areas of life you wish to develop including finances, career, family, friends, significant other, health and wellbeing, personal development and growth.
What’s Included:
Investment: £1100

Abigail Jane Coaching is the top-rated coach in Bristol and the UK

My Approach is Different

Getting started is with business coaching is easy

Step One

Coaching Consultation

You can fill in my contact form by clicking here to book in for a free business coaching taster session. Once you’ve completed the form you’ll be sent a scheduling link to book your mini session.

Step Two

Coaching Packages

You can choose to focus on any area of personal development in our sessions but you can also have life coaching in conjunction with career coaching. During your free mini session just tell me what you would like to achieve.

Step Three

Coaching Proposal

After our coaching consultation, if you decide you want to go ahead I will send a custom proposal where you can choose your coaching package(s). After this is complete we can get started.

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I’m so grateful to Abi! Her career coaching sessions have helped me enormously. She helped me find clarity when I really needed it. Through our sessions I’ve gained the confidence to make decisions about significant changes in my life. ”

– S Hepner, Founder of Hungry Little Bakers, Frenchay, Bristol

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I loved that Abi offered face-to-face sessions in the comfort of my own home. After just one session Abi had helped me identify my core strengths and values. By the end of our sessions, I had taken actions to make my work more enjoyable and satisfying, and I felt a lot more in control.”

– Naomi W, Hanham, Bristol

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I needed a big career change after 25 years in the same industry/business, it was scary but I’ve now have a new job and can’t wait to start on a new journey. If anyone is lost with direction, clarity and what to truly focus on in life then talk to Abi”

– K Hunter Rowe, Cardiff, Wales

Are you looking for support with your business?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with other amazing sole traders like yourself and they have helped me to expand my business, they could do the same for you. Meet the team behind AJC.

Sarah Worboyes - Website Designer and Dubsado Strategist

Sarah Worboyes

Website Designer & Dubsado Strategist

Working with Sarah has been an absolute delight and she is 100% the go to person for Dubsado builds, SEO and website design. Super friendly, organised and a consummate professional, Sarah is someone I will work with time and time again.
Holly McCarthy Online Business Manager

Holly McCarthy

Online Business Manager

Holly owns a virtual assistant and online business management company in Whitchurch, Bristol.

She helps business run more efficiently and comes highly recommended

Chloe Williams - Brand Photographer Bristol

Chloe Williams

Brand Photographer

Photography has been another important element of the AJC brand and I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chloe Williams for personal photoshoot in June 2023.

Chloe covers Bristol and Bath, as well as other areas in the UK.

Nicole Roberts Brand Designer

Nicole Roberts

Brand Designer

AJC rebranding was supported by Nicole Roberts Agency who comes highly recommended for in person support in Bristol or Bath and London. Nicole is an expert at rebranding and design.
Ben Kinnaird Marketing Strategist

Ben Kinnaird

Marketing Strategist

Marketing has been hugely important and working with Ben Kinnaird at Rather Inventive has been a gamechanger for AJC.

I am hugely grateful for the support and information Ben has shared in conjunction with advice and guidance from Cool Ventures in South Glos, Bristol and Bath.

Ben Kinnaird Marketing Strategist

Georgia Holmes

Social Media and Content Consultant

Georgia combines digital marketing expertise with design to offer services for business owners looking to elevate and grow their socials.

She also brings strategy and creativity to the mix and values sustainable growth for small to medium sized businesses.

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Still have questions about business coaching Bristol?

How regularly would we meet?

This is really up to you and depends on your time, goals and budget. Most of my business clients like to meet monthly or bi monthly to keep momentum going and build on their progress with me. This can be for however long you need me!

Who is AJC business coaching for?

Sole traders, founders and owners of limited companies. If you are self employed, and would like to hire me to be your business coach for the reasons above, please get in touch for a chat. Or if you are thinking of starting up a business, I’d also love to work with you and help you get there using realistic and methodical steps forward.

What is the difference between career coaching and business coaching?

Business coaching is for self employed clients and career coaching (executive coaching) is for employed people who work for an organisation or company or those wishing to do so.

How can I work with you?

Working with international and UK clients is easily done using Zoom or phone calls at a mutually convenient time. Coaching online can be equally effective as in person. However, if you are looking for one to one coaching in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, we have the option of in person sessions too. I subscribe to the Association for Coaching and International Federation of Coaching global code of ethics. Global Code of Ethics – Association for Coaching I am also fully DBS checked which means I can safely work with you no matter what your background or challenges may be.

My coaching programmes help people to make changes in the short and longer term to gain a more fulfilling and satisfying personal and professional life.

Can I extend our sessions?

Each session is for 60 mins max and you can have as many as you wish – you can always buy extra sessions after a package ends.

Is it easy to book in for business coaching sessions?

Yes! You get access to my online scheduler and have a login to the AJC coaching portal where all your notes, action plans and appointments are safely stored in one convenient place.

Can you solve my business or personal challenges?

I can empower you to better solve them yourself and feel far more in control, confident and motivated to do so.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is made up front for all options apart from the coach for a year option which can be split into two payments. Booking, invoicing and payment is all done easily and securely through the AJC coaching portal.

Is coaching a business expense?

You can claim this as a professional service and class as an expense.

Can you help with financial issues?

I would discuss this with you on our introductory call and see what the issues are but may refer you to a specialist finance coach depending on what arises. I don’t give financial advice or guidance.

I can help you to take better control and tackle problems, encourage you to delegate and find solutions.

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