The Ultimate Life Coach Programme

Top life coach Abi Unwin with a client taking notes during a coaching session with a candle and book on the coffee table

Who can benefit from the Ultimate Life Coach package?

If you are looking to make lasting changes across several areas of life, choosing this programme could be transformational.

Perhaps you are wishing to change jobs this year or return to work after a break.

You might hope to create a better work life balance. You may also want to look after your mental health and wellbeing, start a healthier lifestyle and have fitness goals you’d like to work on.

There could be a business focus if you are self employed and juggling work life with home life and want to be more effective in both areas. Alternatively, maybe you are wishing to set up a new business and have lots of ideas floating around but need support to find clarity and take action.

It may be that you are progressing well in your career or business and would like support to ensure you maintain this level of growth and balance this with other areas of priority.

Your dreams and hopes can be turned into reality when they are broken down into achievable, realistic actions.

Life Coach Abi Unwin with a client in Bath

How am I supported to achieve my goals?

You will start off by completing a Wheel of Life exercise with Abi to help you assess how happy and satisfied you are with each part of your life. There are 10 areas to think about including Finances, Career/Business, Significant Other, Spirituality, Health, Fun/Recreation, Friendships, Personal Development and Physical Environment.

Using solution focussed coaching methods and tools, you will work with Abi to look at what you’d like to achieve in each area and break down the goals into small, manageable steps over the course of 12 sessions.

If there are mindset blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back, these can also be challenged and reframed into empowering affirmations to power you forward. Using a mixture of NLP, SMART action planning and proven coaching methods such as the GROW model, you can work with life coach Abi Unwin, to get to where you’d like to be.

Continuous support is offered in between sessions through unlimited email or messaging contact.

With over 20 years of experience of coaching individuals, you can be assured of a professional, holistic coaching service.

Life Coach Abi Unwin with a client in Bath

Included in the Ultimate Life Coach Package

In this very special coaching programme, you will meet with professional life coach, Abi Unwin every month for a year. Discounted during November to £1100, the premium offer can be split into two payments and includes:

  • One hour coaching session per month either in person or online to focus on business or career and personal goals. Areas to prioritise might include finances, family, friendships, partner, fun/recreation, health, spiritual growth, career and personal development.
  • A wellbeing gift box* for each season will be delivered to your door full of gorgeous treats to to help you relax, destress and reenergise. (See image below for an example of an Autumnal gift box worth over £80 including an Artisan Candle from Witch and The Wheel, Energising Face Mist from Neom, Chakra balancing soap from Shine and Organic essential oil products from Amphora Aromatics)
  • 50% off voucher for your first massage and reiki treatment with Julie May Holistic Therapy and 15% off any further bookings
  • A vegan leather goals planner to support your coaching journey
  • Bespoke coaching action plan for short, medium and long term goals to keep you on track with your progress
  • Unlimited WA messaging and email contact in between coaching sessions
Wellbeing gift box including organic soap, artisan candle and vegan leather notebook created as part of a life coach package

*Each gift box will be tailored to you and any preferences or allergies will be discussed at your initial consultation.

The Benefits of life coaching

  • Increases confidence
  • Develops strength you didn’t know you had
  • You make it happen for yourself
  • Develops resilience
  • Focusses on a sense of purpose
  • Develop long term habits which benefit you
  • You can start living the life you want

“Abi is a fantastic life coach! She helped me to get clear on my goals and find appropriate solutions fast! My sessions with Abi helped me boost self confidence and gave me the tools to move forward with my professional and personal goals.”

Fay Benefield, Bristol

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