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“It is easy to lose sight of where we are going when our daily focus is on what we are doing.”

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Unravel your thinking and identify your goals through reflection, discussion and challenging thoughts

How can coaching boost self esteem, motivation and confidence?

Doing things differently can bring about big changes but if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same result.  We can often become stuck in a rut because we fail to explore new challenges and follow familiar thought patterns which feel safe but no longer benefit us.  We can feel unhappy but not able to move forward and out of our comfort zone.  

This can seem like a scary idea and coaching can be challenging but will also be enlightening and most importantly, empower you to find your strengths and unlock your potential. As your coach I will utilise a range of coaching tools to draw out your talents and skills, explore your current reality, discover any challenges you may face and help you look at all available options to overcome barriers which may have stopped you before.  Then the most exciting part, action planning and turning ideas into reality.

How can it benefit me?

Coaching is empowering and facilitating so you won’t become dependant

Coaching is about difference and allows you to break negative thought patterns which may have held you back before

Coaching is about listening – most people say they are listening but often they are just waiting

Coaching increases your confidence and resilience

What Does a Life Coach Actually Do? – Abigail Jane Coaching

How does coaching with Abi work?

During safe and confidential discussion, I will ask you thought provoking questions that help you to identify and achieve a goal you want to work on.  As your coach, I will actively listen to you and encourage you to reflect and think carefully to find your own solution. By asking the right questions I will allow you to unlock the answers.  Coaching with me puts you in the driving seat, it will empower you to take ownership of your goals by drawing out your positive energy.  Coaching with me is not therapy, counselling or mentoring.  Advice and guidance is not given during a coaching session. Nearly all of the input (90%) will come from you, and there can be no coaching if there is no goal.  Sessions should not be formal or feel draining.  

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