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Helping you realise the potential in your personal and professional life.

If you’re drifting, lacking focus and struggling to stay motivated, life coaching in Swindon can help you to reassess your situation and reconsider limiting beliefs.

Abigail Jane Coaching is the top-rated life coach in Swindon, UK

How do you know if you need a life coach?

Are you…

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Thinking yourself around in circles?

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Feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied?

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Lacking confidence and motivation?

You can choose to focus on any area of personal development or career progression in your coaching programme. Life coaching in Swindon can happen in conjunction with career and/or business coaching.

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Why choose me as your certified Life Coach in Swindon?

How can I work with you?

My coaching programmes help people to make changes in the short and longer term to gain a more fulfilling and satisfying personal and professional life.

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Holistic Life Coaching in Swindon

As your life coach in Swindon, I can help you in any area of personal development you wish to focus on. This can be during any phase of life where you wish to make a change.

Personal coaching can have a transformational effect, opening up areas of growth and allowing you to achieve your goals.

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Career Coaching In Swindon

Whether you are returning to work after a career break, seeking promotion, or wanting to gain a better work life balance, working with me can be transformative.

Whatever your situation is right now, having a trusted external career coach in Swindon to talk openly with and bounce ideas off can be invaluable.

life coach bath, Abigail Jane Coaching, life coach Gloucester

Business Coaching in Swindon

You may be wishing to move into a new phase such as starting your own business, growing your company or taking on more responsibility.

Often business coaching Swindon will have some degree of overlap into personal coaching and wellness coaching as part of the process. This is why life and business coaching is best combined.

Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“Professional and competent. Abigail is supporting me throughout my career journey. Such a bless to have found her! Extremely recommended for coaching services!”


Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I also wanted to share some good feedback with you-recently in our team meeting we chatted about professionals who have been great to work with, and your name popped up multiple times. We really value what you do for our clients.”


Abigail Jane Coaching, 5 Star Reviews for Life Coaching
“I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated the time you have taken with me. I can only say I will move forward for my family and most of all for myself. Thank you for giving me the tools to move forward with my life.”


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hi i’m Abi

Your professional career coach and life coach in Swindon

I work remotely anywhere in the UK and in person for locally based clients in Swindon.

A certified member of the Association for Coaching with 20 years’ experience of coaching individuals. I am committed to delivering a professional, holistic service

If you are looking for a positive and solution focussed life coach to help you move forward and achieve your goals, you have come to the right place.

I incorporate a variety of evidence based coaching models and strategies within one-to-one sessions which are engaging, challenging and motivational. I love coaching sessions to be energising and enjoyable so that we get the most out of our time together.

5 star Google Reviews Abigail Jane Coaching

“I was at a junction in my career and decided to work with a career coach. With Abi’s support, I was able to set my next career goals. I highly recommend Abi if you have found yourself at a junction in your career.”


5 star Google Reviews Abigail Jane Coaching

“Abi has proved to be of outstanding quality. When looking for a career coach I chose Abi for my coaching needs based on the qualifications she has. Our work together has improved every area of my life far beyond what I was expecting from career coaching.”


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