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Abi Unwin Bristol Business Coach
Abi Unwin

I love coaching people in Bristol and beyond through the start up phase of their business  – it’s so wonderful to see ideas grow into reality and develop into a viable, successful enterprise which not only works in terms of financial return but also fulfils those ambitions and talents that have been under the surface and sometimes, untapped, for far too long.

If you are looking for a business coach in Bristol or Bath we can work either in person or remotely and for those of you who are further afield, online coaching with me works equally well at a mutually convenient time.

Business Coaching with me will bring tools and resources to help you work through various exercises to allow you to find out what you need to do to solve a problem, make improvements or changes.  What could some of these things be?

-Communication issues

-Client relationships feel strained

-Lack of training

-Low confidence

-Poor time management

-Work life balance not what you’d like it to be

-Periods of slow growth/low profit

-Growing too quickly

-Motivation feels low

Whatever the issues (and there are always a mixture of things that arise once we get going) business coaching can help you improve your current situation.  It can also help you to learn the coaching skills you can use to more effectively communicate with, and manage your team.

“I’m so grateful to Abi! Her career coaching sessions have helped me enormously. She  helped me find clarity when I really needed it. I always looked forward to our sessions together and she motivated me hugely. Through our sessions I’ve gained the confidence to make decisions about significant changes in my life. I would highly recommend Abi as a career coach or life coach!”

S Hepner, Founder of Hungry Little Bakers, Frenchay, Bristol

I’ve also been there myself, as a self employed, sole trader, I totally get those times where you stop and think, ‘I can’t do this anymore, I’m not good enough, I think it’d be better if I just get a full time job and return to the security of employment.’  I also know from experience that these times are often quickly followed by periods of growth, success and really positive changes which given the chance, will lead to further opportunity.  That phrase comes to mind, ‘the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.’  Being self employed can feel pretty heavy, ‘the business depends on me,’ is a phrase I often hear along with, ‘I don’t have time’ and ‘I’m not making enough money.’

Some people tell me that they would rather speak to a partner, relative or friend for guidance and advice as they would prefer to talk to someone they know and trust.  And not have to pay a private business coach, money is tight when you’re starting out.  But how many times have you called a friend when you wanted to talk through an idea, only to get told what THEY would do in the circumstances, what their friend did, what they think of your idea and come away either feeling totally confused, irritated or put off?  Or feel like they encouraged you to go ahead without you being able to actually work out the risks.  Many people are quick to tell others to ‘go for it’ without really getting them to check out how realistic the plan is and then, sometimes, it fails. 

So as your business coach, I can be that sounding board, the person you bounce ideas off without any judgement or opinion (I assume you know what you need to do, but currently aren’t doing what you know so by talking openly with me, you will remember that wisdom, strength and clarity which gave you the focus and purpose to start this idea in the first place) and I am your resource, your challenger and ultimately, confidante.  What you tell me remains confidential.  What you decide to do after exploring your ideas with me, is up to you to put into place.  Though I might challenge you as to why you are taking this course of action to ensure you are sure this is the right thing to do.  I will reflect back the options you have come up with, and will present the options to you.  You choose, you’re the expert in your own business area.

I can be the trusted resource, supporter and encourager but also challenge you so that you are making the RIGHT decisions for YOU –  it’s all about empowering you as the client to make the choices.  That’s what a professional coach will do for you. 

Book your free mini session with me and let’s see where the conversation goes, hopefully it will put you into a mindset for success and I will be that motivator and inspirer you need to keep you on track with your business goals.

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