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Abi Unwin Life and Career Coach, Bristol

My passion for supporting people in their careers and personal lives has led me to become a personal development and career coach with a relaxed but professional way of communicating to help people in any area of life realise their goals. I am an experienced life coach and career coach in Bristol as well as a CMI level 5 qualified manager.   I have worked in both the public and third sector for the past 20 years and am a certified member of the Association for Coaching.  Association for Coaching

During that time, I have worked with people from all backgrounds to help them break down barriers, identify career paths and personal goals using focussed action planning and motivational coaching methods.  My work has ranged from coaching some of the most vulnerable people in society around taking positive steps forward to high performing senior managers and business owners to empower them to improve motivation and success. The coaching process can be transformational for anyone who engages with personal coaching.

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My role in the public sector involved working closely with HR managers and line managers in Bristol and Bath to recruit and retain staff with disabilities and long-term health conditions.  I have a wide inside knowledge of recruitment processes and a great understanding of the pressures of managing staff which is a key strength for career coaching. I have a wealth of knowledge around supporting people with mental health issues, physical health challenges and learning differences which adds to my expertise as a life coach and career in Bristol and beyond.

Working within the core competencies and code of conduct from the International Coaching Federation and Association for Coaching is a core element of my coaching practice.

Types of coaching offered
  • Life coaching (includes wellness coaching)
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
How I can work with you as a life coach or career coach
  • via audio or video phone calls
  • face to face sessions
  • text and emails (for in between sessions and accountability check in’s)
  • walk and talk sessions (great for those who, like me, find their best ideas come when they are out in the great outdoors! Also perfect if you need fit coaching into a lunch break)
Read more about how career coaching with me can help with returning to work here:

“Coaching helped me to remember who I was – not just mum!” – Bristol Parent

Contact Details

46 Grange Avenue, Hanham, Bristol BS15 3PF

Abi Unwin Life and Career Coach, Bristol

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