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Check out this latest post and discover my top tips on how to life coach yourself into action and boost your motivation levels. (Especially important in the busy run up to Christmas for many of us!)

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“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”

A.G Bell

It is totally possible to coach yourself. As a professional life coach, it’s something I do all the time to boost my own motivation and take actions towards my goals. Today I am going to share six simple tips to show you how to life coach yourself too.

  1. Notice your own limiting beliefs. What I mean by this is to become aware of the negative narrative in your head. That little voice that nags away, causing us to doubt ourselves, preventing us from making changes and limiting our progress. It could be a voice from a teacher, parent or person from the past who criticised us in formative years. Or it may be your own voice echoing negative thoughts. If you’re not sure what I mean, here are some examples: “I’m always late for everything.” This is a common belief I have noticed many clients have. Another one is “I don’t like meeting new people.”
  2. Coaching isn’t about making judgements. It’s not for me to say whether these beliefs are true or not. But I ask the question, “Is believing this about yourself helping you to reach your goal?” Usually I will also ask, “Is this definitely true?” Beliefs are not facts. They can change. So, try asking yourself these questions too – look for evidence. Are you actually always late for everything? Probably not. Do you really hate meeting new people? Maybe only certain types of people who are not welcoming but making friends with individuals you share common likes with is actually enjoyable.
  3. Try coming up with a more empowering belief – making sure it’s realistic and plausible! It’s not good just stating the opposite, i.e, “I am always on time” or “I enjoy meeting new people.” Our brains will not buy it. We need to come up with something that is definitely true which we can’t argue against. You can do this by thinking about what you are currently doing to address this issue – or what you plan to do! (Just make sure you do it!) Something like, “Every day I am trying harder to be punctual for appointments.” You could combine this more empowering belief with the action of using a reminder on your phone or utilising a calendar app, for example. “I am learning how to reach out to new people more positively” could be a more empowering statement you choose to use alongside joining a new club.
  4. Ask yourself how this new, empowering affirmation makes you feel. Try it out! Every time you notice that negative, limiting belief, replace it with your new statement. You can life coach yourself and ask, “Is believing this helping me towards my goal?” Noticing if you feel more confident and motivated by your empowering belief will enable it to become more powerful for you.
  5. Practice saying it out loud at least three times per day. You can use a life coaching method of habit stacking to do this. What are you currently doing regularly? Driving to work, driving home, brushing your teeth, boiling a kettle? By stacking the new habit that you wish to create onto an existing one, you give yourself a much higher chance of success! I love a post it note and have been known to stick them on kitchen cupboards and mirrors. Find a way that works for you!
  6. Tell other people your new empowering belief. If, for example, you are late to a meeting you could say that you are sorry for being late and that you are working on being more punctual to avoid this happening again. Every time you tell someone else your new belief, as well as yourself, you make it more powerful for yourself.

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