How to Check in with Yourself

Check in with yourself using six prompts to assess your physical and mental wellbeing. This easy, quick way to gain perspective in a busy time takes only 10 minutes.

Why? It’s very easy to ignore physical signs of stress when we are rushing about. A headache, stomach upset, niggling neck pains for example, can all be overlooked during a hectic week. Failing to notice these signs though, can cause us to become unwell. By taking a moment to pause and check in how we feel in our bodies, we can notice warning signs and make a change before our wellbeing is compromised.

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How to check in with yourself?

Grab a pen and paper – this helps to focus thinking and to process thoughts more deeply than by typing them on a phone/computer. (It’s also great to reflect back at a later date.)

Here are six key questions for you to check in with yourself

  1. How am I feeling in my own body? Put down the pen and paper for a moment, close your eyes and scan down through your body. Are there any areas of tension or pain? Does my breathing feel quick or slow? Are my shoulders hunched or relaxed? Are my hands clenched or loose? Take 30 seconds to assess how you feel physically and check in with your body. Sounds so obvious – but when we are super busy, we often fail to really ‘feel’ how we feel! You can note down any observations if you like.
  2. What is my battery charge feeling like on a scale of 1% to 100%? Does it feel like there is plenty of energy left within me or do I need a bit of a recharge? Score yourself and write down your percentage. We are very aware of when we need to plug in our phones to charge up, but are we so on the ball when it comes to our own energy levels?
  3. Have I drunk enough water today/this week? Do I feel hydrated or a bit dry and thirsty? Scale of 1-10, note down your score.
  4. What have my eating habits been like today/this week? Again, on a scale of 1-10, what would you score yourself here? Does your tank feel full of premium fuel or are you running on empty with a warning light on?
  5. How do I feel in my mood? Have I been patient and able to make decisions clearly this week? Have I been snappy or felt muddled, unable to decide on something? What has my communication been like with others this week? Bring your awareness to how you feel emotionally – jot down some thoughts here if you like.
  6. What am I avoiding? (Am I avoiding anything?) This is a question that can take us by surprise. But it’s often the things that we are avoiding that are draining us the most. Is there something you can do? Or is there someone you can ask for help?
woman holding grey ceramic mug spending time to check in
Why not make a drink and relax while you’re doing this?

Next steps you can take for yourself

Now you have hopefully got a better idea of how you are after a 10 min check in with yourself. Perhaps there are some actions you want to take to make a few changes? As a coach I always encourage small steps to reduce overwhelm and aid positive action.

What small steps could you take to boost your energy and recharge? Maybe it’s as simple as getting an early night, booking a shopping delivery (including some nutritious food) or filling up your water bottle and leaving it on your desk so you remember to drink. Or do you need to adjust your desk position, finish work a little earlier or make time to see your GP? Just one little change can make a big difference and if you do this regularly, you can build up with more actions if you want to.

Getting into the habit of checking in with ourselves each week can be so beneficial. When we are aware of how our body feels we can notice warning signs of stress much more effectively.

How are you really feeling today?

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