6 Ways to Boost your Energy Levels

Now that we have moved into Autumn, we may feel a dip in our motivation. As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, how can we boost our energy levels?

Here are 6 simple tips I’ve put together which could help!

Woman holding a lavender plant in the garden

Go outdoors!

Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays is one of the best ways to boost energy levels and mood. Sunlight causes a release of serotonin, that feel-good chemical. It also affects the production of melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycles. Plus vitamin D is boosted when we are in sunlight so there are some great reasons to get outside. Even in overcast weather, we can feel the benefits of the fresh air. According to Eartheasy.com, “Almost a decade ago, a study from the University of Michigan showed that interacting with nature improves cognitive function no matter the weather. Participants in the study increased their memory performance and attention spans by more than 20% after just an hour of interacting with nature.”

Check your diet

It can be tempting to stock up on sweet comfort foods when the nights draw in, but these aren’t always very good for us. However, it’s totally possible to have comforting AND healthy meals – it may just take a bit more planning. Think homemade vegetable soups, warm porridge oats and hearty stews full of goodness. Not only will our energy increase, but this will also boost our immunity against winter colds and can save us money too! Feeling fuller for longer, we can maintain a more stable mood and enjoy boosted energy levels. There are some easy and nutritious recipe ideas here which are also cheap to make. Winter warmer recipes | BBC Good Food These are bound to boost energy levels and taste good!

boost energy levels with a creamy pumpkin soup

Get cosy

Making indoors warm and inviting so that you can enjoy the feeling of snuggling up inside. Woolly blankets, scented candles and furry onesies are lovely to come home to after a tiring day. And can save on the heating bills by adding an extra layer! Embrace the darker nights, add some twinkling fairy lights. Why wait until Christmas?

Invest in a UV lamp

Some of us really struggle with the lack of sunlight so one option could be to invest in a light therapy lamp which can easily be added to a desk at work or home. Verywellmind.com writes “Light therapy lamps are bright lamps commonly used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, and sleep disorders. The lamps are widely available, and you can use them at home: Simply turn on your light therapy lamp and sit near it for a set period of time (typically 15–60 minutes).”

woman stretching on ground to keep active and boost energy levels

Get active

There are lots of different activities we can choose from to increase our physical activity including low impact exercise like swimming, yoga and cycling. Or simply turning up the music, drawing the curtains and dancing around the house can be a fun way of adding movement to the day! Whatever way works best for you, getting active not only increases our fitness and boosts energy levels but also our mood. We can think more clearly, feel more positive and aches and pains can ease. Here are some quick stretch exercises you can do at your desk which can get the circulation going. Desk-based exercises (csp.org.uk) With many of us still working from home, it’s vital to get moving during the day to stay warm and well this winter.

Future planning

If you feel the need to have a summer holiday to look forward to, getting some dates booked in and some ideas for next year’s break away can feel good. Or if you’re able to get away before then, booking a Winter getaway can be a nice way to break up the colder seasons. A great way to keep focussed on a future plan is to create a mood board. Adding pictures to a wall or creating one online can be fun. Why not set it as your screen saver as a reminder that sunnier days will return? Canva has some great templates, many of which are free to use. Templates (canva.com)

photo of person putting photo on wall to create an energising mood board

I hope you found these energy boosting tips useful – free to comment with your ideas too! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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