How to find the right life coach for you

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Whether it’s career or life coaching you are looking for, here are 7 things you should know.
  1. Life coaching works best when there is a strong relationship based on trust, openness and a natural connection between coach and coachee.  Many coaches will offer a free introductory call in their initial communication.  This is so they can find out if you are a good fit to work together and it’s a great way to find the right life coach for you.  I would encourage anyone searching for a life coach to book in with three different coaches. Then a comparison can be made and it’s possible to get a good idea of how different coaches communicate.  What is a good fit for someone else might not work so well for you. How to find the right life coach? This is the quickest way to get an initial feel for how the coach works. Book a FREE Coaching Consultation – Bristol – UK – Worldwide (
  2. Coaching is not regulated in the UK so it’s up to you to pick a coach with accreditations and qualifications.  Look for a coach with certified membership to the Association for Coaching or International Coaching Federation.  Are they accredited by the AFC or ICF and do they work within their code of conduct? 
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  3. What qualifications does the coach have?  Many coaches have specific coaching qualifications but also hold certificates in other areas which might be relevant to your needs.  For example, if you are looking for career coaching, a coach with an HR or management qualification might be a good indicator they are the right person to work with.  Or if it’s a life coach you want for more personal development goals, do they have qualifications in wellbeing or mental health work?  Continued professional development for coaches is provided by AFC and ICF. It is worth checking how your coach stays up to date with current coaching methods and new ways of working.
  4. Is your coach fully DBS checked?  For a coach to safely work with vulnerable adults and young people, they will need an up to date DBS check.  This is another indicator that a professional life coach can work safely with all groups of people.
  5. How much experience does the coach have?  It can be beneficial to work with an accredited coach who has built up a good level of experience. This can be checked out in reviews, testimonials and by asking the coach in the first introductory call.  If they are newly qualified, are they offering any discounts or special offers?  A newly qualified coach can be bang up to date with the latest coaching methods so it’s not necessarily a negative. However, you need to ensure you are fully aware of their level of experience before committing to work with them.
  6. What do their previous coachees say about them?  Reviews and testimonials can tell you a lot about the service they provide.  Check google ratings, the coaches own website and social media channels for client reviews.
  7. How to find a coach?  As well as doing a google search, there are directories like The Life Coach Directory Abi Unwin – Bristol – Life Coach Directory ( where you can find a local or remote coach to work with.  Social Media channels are also another way to check out various coaches profiles. Many post reels and short films on their channels to promote their work and share case studies.

I hope this is helpful. I am happy to answer any further questions you might have around how to find the right life coach in the comments below.  Good luck in finding the right coach for you!

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