Five ways to boost motivation….

And decrease procrastination!

  1. Make the first step an easy one which allows you to move forward without too much anxiety or worry – once you are progressing then you can increase the challenge. This is a simple way to boost motivation at a gradual pace.
  2. Choose your first step to be something you know you will benefit from almost immediately – this will give you some positive reinforcement and help propel you forwards – upping motivation levels quickly.
  3. Share your goal – tell someone close to you what you are doing, and why! This can help to build the idea, make it concrete and encourage accountability.
  4. Set yourself a time limit – what can you do in just 5 mins to make some headway but reduce overwhelm? Once you hit 5 mins, it’s likely you’ll actually want to keep going!
  5. Ask for help – don’t feel you have to go this alone if you feel worried about getting started – support is often readily available if you reach out. Many people love helping others and observing motivation increasing – which in turn boost their motivation too!

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