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Life and Career Coach Abi Unwin owner and coach at Abigail Jane Coaching
Abi Unwin, Life and Career Coach at Abigail Jane Coaching

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m a life and career coach on a mission to empower individuals to reach their potential in the professional and personal lives.

I am passionate about the power of coaching and will be posting tips and tricks in this motivational blog to help boost motivation, clarity and focus which can empower us to reach our goals. I will also be sharing simple coaching methods you can use to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and challenge the things that stop us from moving forward like limiting beliefs, procrastination and that feeling of being stuck.

Writing a motivational blog seems like a perfect way to reach out to a wider audience and allow more people to benefit from solution focussed coaching and I’d love to connect with those of you looking to make changes in any area of life. Over the next 12 months, I will be posting regular updates about coaching methods, best practice and case studies which demonstrate how coaching works in practice – so whether you are a fellow coach or a person with zero coaching knowledge you may want to follow my blog and comment with ideas and thoughts as well as learning more about how you can benefit and use coaching for yourself.

I’m based in the UK in the South West of England, just in between the cities of Bristol and Bath. However, I can coach remotely anywhere in the world and currently have clients in the UK, France and The Netherlands. With over 15 years experience of motivational coaching, I also have a specialism in working with people with disabilities and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. I love working with both men and women from all walks of life, the best part of coaching for me is meeting new people and learning from them, as well as watching them grow and hit their goals! As a coach, I am ALWAYS learning and this is what makes the job so interesting and varied. I currently coach with self employed start ups, directors and managers looking to improve performance, individuals wanting to change career and people seeking life coaching to boost their wellbeing or personal goals.

I love hearing feedback and getting input so welcome your comments and look forward to sharing my motivational blog with you! If you have any particular areas of coaching which you’d like to know more about – please let me know and I’ll do my best to share my knowledge. Exciting times ahead, welcome to the world of motivational coaching! Just hit the follow button below…..and look out for my next post coming soon.

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