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Abi Unwin Life Coach and Career Coach in Bristol
Abi Unwin Life and Career Coach Bristol, UK

Hello, I am Abi, professional life coach and career coach in Bristol. I work remotely anywhere in the UK and in person for locally based clients.

A certified member of the Association for Coaching with 20 years’ experience of coaching individuals. I am committed to delivering a professional, holistic service. If you are looking for a positive and solution focussed life coach to help you move forward and achieve your goals, you have come to the right place.

I incorporate a variety of coaching models and coaching strategies within one-to-one sessions which are engaging, challenging and motivational. I love coaching sessions to be energising and enjoyable so that we get the most out of our time together.

Do you have a goal you’d like to work on?

You can choose to focus on any area of personal development or career progression in your coaching programme. Life coaching can happen in conjunction with career and/or business coaching.

During a free 30-minute mini session just tell me what you would like to achieve. We can discuss how choosing me as your life coach can empower you to get there. If you aren’t sure about your goal at the moment, but know that you wish to make a change, we can explore your options and look at how life coaching or career coaching (or a mixture of both) could work for you.

Life Coaching in Bristol, Bath and UK

If you are feeling that something isn’t right, that you are drifting or lacking focus and struggle to stay motivated, coaching can help you to reassess your situation and reconsider limiting beliefs. We can open up areas of growth and allow you to achieve your goals.  As your life coach in Bristol or beyond, I can help you in any area of personal development you wish to focus on. This can be during any phase of life where you wish to make a change.

Using various coaching techniques and tools, I can tailor a one-on-one coaching programme which is both empowering and energising. We can Incorporate a variety of coaching models and coaching strategies within individual meetings. Our programmes are engaging, challenging and motivational. Personal coaching can have a transformational effect. And having a regular accountability check in is a feature my clients find most beneficial for taking action towards goals.

Career and Business Coaching in Bristol, Bath and UK

Whether you are returning to work after a career break, seeking promotion, or wanting to gain a better work life balance, working with me can be transformative. You may be wishing to resign or move into a new phase such as starting your own business, managing a new team or taking on more responsibility.  Whatever your situation is right now, having a trusted external career coach to talk openly with and bounce ideas off can be invaluable. As your career coach in Bristol and beyond, I can support you to meet your full potential.

Career transition can be a stressful time. It can impact on our wellbeing and other areas of life. Often career coaching will have some degree of overlap into personal coaching and wellness coaching as part of the process. I like to take a holistic approach which allows clients to grow not only in their professional lives, but in their personal lives too. Objectives will be part of an agreed, bespoke coaching action plan made up of several steps towards the overall target.

Two women in a career coaching session, talking around a coffee table.
What kind of clients do I work with?

My worldwide clientele includes coaches, start-ups, founders, directors, senior managers, professionals, executives, creatives, and business leaders. Also, individuals who are seeking jobs in various sectors from ground level up to senior level.

I can work with both individuals and organisations to deliver executive coaching and workplace coaching, as well as on a personal basis.

Clients have benefitted from a range of coaching services including mentoring, consultancy, wellness coaching, relationship coaching and leadership coaching. I offer a unique blend of coaching methods and tools, often incorporating NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and solution focussed practice.

Current work also includes career coaching in partnership with The University of the West of England and Missing Link, a Bristol charity empowering women to live happier, independent lives. My passion for helping people and empowering them towards personal and career development includes working with people from all backgrounds and of all abilities. We often uncover a wide range of competencies and strengths during coaching sessions.

“I also wanted to share some good feedback with you-recently in our team meeting we chatted about professionals who have been great to work with, and your name popped up multiple times. So thank you for all of your help, and we really value what you do for our clients.”

Missing Link, Bristol
How can I work with you?

Working with international and UK life coach and career coach clients is easily done using Zoom or phone calls at a mutually convenient time. Coaching online can be equally effective as in person. However, if you are looking for one to one coaching in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, we have the option of in person sessions too. I subscribe to the Association for Coaching and International Federation of Coaching global code of ethics. Global Code of Ethics – Association for Coaching I am also fully DBS checked which means I can safely work with you no matter what your background or challenges may be.

My coaching programmes help people to make changes in the short and longer term to gain a more fulfilling and satisfying personal and professional life.

Life and Career Coach Abi Unwin sitting at a desk with a client in Bath

Testimonials….some kind words

“I reached out to Abi at a time when I felt lacking direction in my career and demotivated. I had been unhappy in my job for years and needed some professional insight and guidance. Abi was easy to talk to and instantly made me feel comfortable. I loved that Abi offered face-to-face sessions in the comfort of my own home. After just one session Abi had helped me identify my core strengths and values and advised how I could align my career and personal life more closely with them. By the end of our sessions, I had taken tangible actions to make my work more enjoyable and satisfying, and I felt a lot more in control. I particularly appreciated the way Abi helped me come to these realisations through discussion and exercises and did not simply tell me what to do. I cannot recommend Abi highly enough as a life coach and career coach, and will continue to work with her in the future if and when it is needed.”

Naomi Watkins, Hanham, Bristol

“I would happily recommend Abi as a life coach. Having worked with her over the past 8 months, I always look forward to our sessions. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her ideas. She does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder over. Our sessions are always inspiring, relieving, insightful and energising. She opened up valuable new perspectives and helped me both personally and professionally, which is important for my career progression.

Dr C Baydon, Director of International Relations, Bristol University

I can’t thank Abi enough for such a positive experience in her coaching sessions with me. I had truly lost my way with difficult work experiences and totally lost my confidence, something that was so unlike me. It was great to talk to someone neutral, with great advice on focussing on what really matters to you and what makes you happy ! I loved the step by step approach as I’m such a processor lol ! I needed a big career change after 25 years in the same industry/business, it was scary but I’ve now have a new job and can’t wait to start on a new journey.
If anyone is lost with direction, clarity and what to truly focus on in life then talk to Abi.. her calm and positive approach to coaching has helped me so much ! Thank you Abi and thank you to my lovely husband for finding you for me!

Katherine Hunter Rowe, Cardiff, Wales

“Thank you again Abi for being a part of our Skills Bootcamp team to make our offer a great success! I really appreciate all the time and flexibility you’ve given the project and to our learners through your 1:1 coaching support to create both short and long term impact for them.”

Felicity Carghill, Business Development Manager, University of the West of England, Frenchay, Bristol

“Thank you again for such useful life coach sessions, your light touch approach and your warmth and interest in wanting your client to achieve focus and clarity were brilliant. I felt very supported and it has been so helpful. I really enjoyed the sessions… Really useful and insightful advice and guidance, and like talking to a friend (who doesn’t interrupt or expect you to listen to her own issues!!). Thank you so much. I shall certainly recommend you!”

Kate, Fishponds, Bristol

“I was at a junction in my career and decided to work with a career coach. With Abi’s support, I was able to set my next career goals. I highly recommend Abi if you have found yourself at a junction in your career.”

Charlie McClure, Head of Logistics and Cask Management, VCL Vinters, Ayr, Scotland UK

Abi has been a lovely, kind and inspiring coach to work with. I booked on for 3 sessions and went from a place of knowing I needed a change to feeling empowered to make that change! Abi offers a lot of practical and helpful advice and will meet you exactly where you’re at. I’ve got a bunch of material from our sessions together that I know will be helpful going forwards, too. I recommend Abi as a career coach to anyone who’s feeling stuck, lost, or just a bit miserable – for me, these sessions have provided a greater sense of alignment, sparked quite a few interesting networking conversations and mostly, have shown me that I can totally go for the bigger, bolder change. Thank you Abi!

Alicia Davies, Horfield, Bristol, UK
Bristol Life Coach, Abi Unwin, talking in a kitchen during a coaching session

“Thank you so much for the work we did, it has made the start of this journey so much easier and has given me the confidence to go for it! When working on my 3, 6, 9 month and 1, 3, 5 and 10 year plan for the business I could envisage exactly where I needed to be and eventually where I wanted to be…Learning the skills to be able to break all this down into 90 day segments was the hardest part and through what you taught me it wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought. “

J Horler, Bournemouth, UK

Abi was really helpful at a time when I was feeling totally lost about my future career direction. She was kind, thoughtful, positive, flexible and understanding of me and my situation. The coaching sessions have given me lots more clarity and have helped me to think differently about my return to work.

Liz Stephens Burt, Knowle, Bristol

“Every time I meet you, you are like a light that guides me in a new direction for the future. Thank you so much Abi, the best life coach. It’s been so nice to meet you.”

NJ, Horfield, Bristol

“I’m so grateful to Abi! Her career coaching and mentoring sessions have helped me enormously in my career transition. She  helped me find clarity when I really needed it. I always looked forward to our sessions together and she motivated me hugely. Through our sessions I’ve gained the confidence to make decisions about significant changes in my life. I would highly recommend Abi as a career coach or life coach, her coaching skills are exceptional!”

S Hepner, Founder of Hungry Little Bakers, Frenchay, Bristol

“Abi helped me to explore my career options and identify areas I was satisfied with, and areas and I wished to change. It was helpful to do this in a space where I felt comfortable and able to focus on me. Being really listened to is surprisingly powerful.”

V Doust, Hanham,Bristol

“Abi is a talented life coach and career coach who I have been privileged to work alongside. Friendly, kind, calm, compassionate are a few of the words I would use to describe her. As a colleague I learnt so much from her. For coaching, I’d look nowhere else. Whatever you want to achieve, Abi will help you get there. Her holistic approach and understanding of your needs will ensure that you grow from strength to strength. Abi will help you overcome hurdles that seem impossible and empower you to reach your goals. I’ve seen her do it time and time again, she’s exactly who you’d want to share your journey with. “

Lucy Woodman, Nailsea, North Somerset

“Abi has a way of making you feel at ease the moment you meet her. Coaching with Abi has been a really enjoyable and enlightening experience which has helped me to feel more confident about myself both in terms of my career and my personal relationships. Managing people can be stressful and having a personal business coach to talk openly and honestly with is so valuable. Abi has empowered me to change my mindset and improve self-awareness – focussing on the really small wins some days and bigger ones on others. A top life coach!”

Rebecca Atkinson, Frances PR, London, UK

“Being a life coach myself, I very well know the benefit of coaching. Abi has been fantastic in challenging me to be realistic and she really helped me in questioning my thinking, to be open towards options I had not previously considered or actions I was convinced I would not choose for. By doing so I was much more motivated to act and also much more relaxed and really feeling good about my goals, plans and actions. Thanks Abi, I’m sure I will reach out to you again in the near future.”

Sara Mostmans, Bluewave Coaching, The Netherlands

“I had 5 coaching sessions with Abi in Bristol and Bath and would highly recommend her life coach and career coach services. She was supportive, helpful and encouraged me when I found myself lacking confidence and direction in my career. Thank you so much!”

Rosie, Bath UK
Bristol Life Coach, Abi Unwin writing notes during a coaching session in Bath

“I had three transformational coaching sessions with Abi in Bristol and managed to get a promotion, lose over a stone, change to a 4 day flexible working week, wrote the first three chapters of a novel and start singing lessons. This was from a point of feeling fairly indifferent to my daily routine. Now I look forward to my life again! Best Birthday present I’ve ever been bought. Abi is understanding, insightful and full of great motivating tips. Highly recommend.”

Louis MacGregor, Clifton, Bristol

“Professional and competent. Abigail is supporting me throughout my career journey. Such a bless to have found her! Extremely recommended for coaching services!”

Vittoria Manco, London, UK

“Abi helped me with life coaching when I was struggling with direction and focus, both personally and professionally. She immediately makes you feel at ease, is a fantastic listener, and provides a very holistic approach. Abi is an excellent observer and offers great suggestions and tips to help you build solutions. Her extensive experience shines through her coaching, she exudes warmth and kindness and a genuine passion to help. I’d highly recommend Abi for as a life coach and career coach.”

Paul Rainer, London, UK

“My experience of being coached by Abi has been really positive. It has helped me reflect on my long term goals and  how to break them down into smaller, achievable steps and work towards them in a way that feels  realistic. It has also enabled me to think about my strengths and core values and how I can find ways to  make the most of my skills and experience to find work that is fulfilling.”

Emma K, Totterdown, Bristol

“I have had a really good experience with Abi so far, I would like to have more sessions with her, as they have helped me so far to reach one of my goals (getting a job).”

Leroy Hughes, Lawrence Weston, Bristol

“Abi really took the time to listen to me and my issues and gave me very practical and actionable tips to overcome these. I left our first session with a clearer mind and feeling more energised. She’s also very good for checking how you’re progressing between sessions, which helped me feeling more motivated.”

Cecile Pujol, St George, Bristol

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